Silence can be healing, because it gives you the time and space to connect with your own inner wisdom.
But silence can also be overwhelming at times.
Then it is nice that there are people around you who have extensive experience. Teachers who are mindful, who have both feet on the ground and have deep knowledge about the process. Teachers who know how to create a safe environment, in which it is easy to allow the silence to be.


As a trained Vipassana teacher Martin has organized retreats all over the world. 

He continues to be impressed by the transformational effect Mindfulness has, not only on his life, but also on the lives of other practitioners. Many of them return to his retreat.

And he is inspired by the way these people overcome difficulties in their lives. They give him new insights and motivation to continue teaching.

Mindfulness / Meditation


Marije has always been drawn to nature. To play, move, observe and connect without words.

Being sensitive asks for another approach to life and her journey to find balance did bring her to many interesting places. She is a certified Yoga and Meditation teacher.

Silence has been her medicine for the last five years. And she feels inspired to create opportunities for others to experience the same.


Yoga / Meditation


Love goes through the stomach

Sharing good food and making it available for everyone is their passion and mission. For over 25 years Karel & Jarka Becvar have been studying and working with amazing teachers from all over the world.

Through everyday practice they know first-hand what difference balanced dynamic meals and simple lifestyle adjustments can bring into your life and wealth.

Cooking Staff
Meals & Catering

We are all walking each other home
Ram Dass


What people say about the teachers

Martin inspired trust and gave me the confidence I needed to keep going
Marlies van Elst
The Netherlands
Marije’s approach to her classes make them accessible to everyone. She puts light and humor in the practice.
Lisa Nina
The Netherlands
Martin has this intuitive ability, to know where you are on your path and to guide and support you in a gentle and heart-touching way.
Georg Schreiner
Practicing yoga with Marije gave me the inspiration to dive into the spiritual world. A great teacher who taught me various exercises and techniques to calm the nervous system. Through her meditation, yin-yoga and hatha yoga teaching I have found the way to my own balance and peace of mind.
Alina Alimani
Martin has a the gift for making everyone feel welcome. He took a genuine interest in how each person was getting along with the practice and would give individual guidance
Trevor Wills
New Zealand
Meditation is a whole new experience. Martin helped to me to step up on my new journey towards happiness and freedom.
Michal Bohunek
Czech Republic
Marije offers the perfect blend of down-to-earth-approach and spiritual guidance, topped of with little sparkles of fun. Very accessable for all levels. I always end up feeling totally loose, light, strong, balanced and happy 🙂
Martine Hogenhout
The Netherlands
I love Marije her classes. She always knows how to add something new to it. Adding a new exercise, or saying something in the guidance that makes me tilt my head and think: Ha, that is refreshing, never thought of it that way!
Nienke Kloppenburg
The Netherlands
Martin ist ein wunderbarer Vipassana-lehrer. Ich möchte mich bei ihm für seine efiziente, einfache und humorvolle art des unterrichtens bedanken.
Martin Müller​
I am very grateful for his competent guidance. A retreat with Martin is an eye-opener.
Kirti Michel

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