The art of amazing plant based meals

Nourishment of the body, mind & soul

Our whole approach to mindfulness includes nourishing your body in a healthy ways. During your stay, enjoy tasty and beneficial vegetarian meals containing plenty of fresh vegetables and fruit, lean proteins, and probiotics. We serve no processed foods.

All meals during the Mindful Silence Retreat will be prepared with love and 25 years of experience.
Karel & Jarka really have mastered the art of preparing amazing food. Beautiful balanced plant based meals that are a feast for all the senses.

The aroma welcomes you,  beautiful colours & shapes for your eyes, the utensils in your hand, picking up the food, all the 5 tastes, but so many more flavours, and different textures in one mouthfull.

When we bring the practice of mindfulness to what and how we eat, what was previously just a part of your daily routine can become a source of wonder; the simplest act, a form of self-care.

And not just nourishment of the body; the emotional and psychological nourishment is enhanced with mindfulness.

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