Who have deep knowledge about silence retreats,
who can show you how to become mindful


Silence can be healing. Because it will give you the space to connect with your own inner wisdom.
But silence can also be overwhelming at times.
That is why during a Silence Retreat it is needed that there are people around you who have a lot of experience. Teachers who can show you how to become mindful, who have deep knowledge about this process. Teachers who are grounded and know how to create a safe environment, in which it is easy to allow the silence to be.

Mindfulness /Meditation

Martin Pack

As a trained Vipassana teacher Martin has organized retreats all over the world. He continues to be impressed by the transformational effect Mindfulness has, not only on his life, but also on the lives of other practitioners. Many of them return to his retreat. And he is inspired by the way these people overcome difficulties in their lives. They give him new insights and motivation to continue teaching.

Yoga /Meditation

Marije Vesters

Marije is a certified Yoga and Meditation teacher.
Silence has been her medicine for the last seven years. And she feels inspired to create opportunities for others to experience the same.
She would like to welcome you to a Mindful Silent Retreat.
To arrive in the present moment with a sense of humor and playfulness

Cooking Staff
Meals & Catering

Jarka & Karel

Love goes through the stomach
Sharing good food and making it available for everyone is a passion for Karel & Jarka. For over 25 years they have been studying and working with amazing teachers from all over the world.
They love to support you in your practice during the Mindful Silent Retreats.
Read more about their balanced dynamic meals on this website.

We are all walking each other home

– Ram Dass –


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